Emergency Plan

Pateley Bridge and Bewerley Parish Councils, with the support of Harrogate Borough Council, have developed a Community Resilience Plan. It has been drawn up so that the community can respond to an emergency until the Emergency Services can take charge.
What probably concerns you the most is what we can and cannot do to help in the event of flooding. Pateley and Bewerley can flood from either or both of two sources: the River Nidd and run-off from the surrounding hillsides.

The flood barriers in Pateley and Bewerley are designed to protect the town in the rare event that the river banks are over-topped. If this is likely to happen a RED warning will be issued, and the Emergency Plan will be activated.

Hillside run-off can be very intense leaving drains unable to cope, but in general, although the flooding will affect individual properties, there is little risk to life. The Emergency Committee is not set up, nor does it have the resources available, to help in this situation.

It is the responsibility of householders and business owners to take appropriate action to make their properties flood resilient. Don’t assume that the authorities will provide you with sandbags in a flood emergency: the Council may have some sandbags, but its priority is to protect the public at large. Filling and manhandling sandbags is physically demanding and you may like to consider other options to reduce the impact of flooding. For products to reduce risk of flooding – and other advice - please go to https://nationalfloodforum.org.uk/.

If you have a stream or culvert that runs through your property then it is up to you to keep it in good condition and free from obstruction.